हे पान मराठीत वाचा

A few traditions are observed since long in the Mandir. Devotees are requested to follow these at all the times.

After arriving at the Mandir, the devotees are requested to wash hands and feet.

Before entering the main mandir, the Gents should take Darshan of Shree Gosavibuva in Rahuti Mandir. Here they should light camphor and agarbatti. Offer Coconut to Shree Gosavibuva and brake the coconut. From upper portion of coconut, Five pieces should be offered as Nevedya to Shree Gosavibuva.

Ladies are not allowed to go to Rahuti Mandir and take Darshan of Shree Gosavibuva.

After taking Darshan at Rahuti Mandir, devotees are requested to again wash hands and feet and then only enter The Main Mandir.

Devotes are requested Not to Smoke, Eat Tobacco Products or Drink Liquor in Mandir Premises.

Following things are not allowed in Gabhara of Mandir:

Black coloured cloth
Items with black colour except Mangalsutra of ladies.
Items of Leather goods such as leather belt, purses, wallets etc.

The Darshan shall be taken in the following order

Shree Bapujibuva – Perform Pooja, Offer Coconut, Dhotar and/or Uparana, and then offer Nevedya

Shree Kalikai – Perform Pooja, Offer Otti, and then offer Nevedya

After this, perform Pooja of all other Devatas as per order given

Shree Bahiribuva
Shree Mhalsa – Shree Khandoba
Shree Banai
Shree Bhavani
Shree Waghjai
Shree Jari
Shree Mari

After this, take Darshan of Devatas in Shree Shankar Mahadev Mandir

Shri Pramod Deshpande explaining the Traditions at the Devasthan..

Mrs Asawari Khopkar explaining about the various offerings to be given to the Devatas and also about the Naivedya.