हे पान मराठीत वाचा

Daily Rituals:

Everyday, a few rituals are performed in the mandir.

In the morning, Pooja of all the Devatas is performed. Vastras and Alankars are put on Devatas idols and Nevedya is offered.

After this the Devotees can take Darshan.

In the Afternoon, Arati of Devatas is performed.

In the Evening, again Arati is performed.

ABHISHEKH or KUMKUMARCHAN is done in the morning before the Vastras and Alankars are put on the Devata. For this, the devotees have to inform the management in advance so that proper arrangements can be done.

Annual Festivals & Rituals:

The following Festivals are celebrated at the Mandir and rituals are performed on some special days.

Laghurudra and Navchandi Havan
Chaitra Purnima
Shree Satyanarayan Pujan

During these Annual functions Devotees are requested not to perform their Kuldharm/ Devkarya

Shri Ashok Khopkar explaining the various functions and rituals at the Deasthan..