हे पान मराठीत वाचा

The Sansthan Trust was formed in 1968. After formation of the Trust, the present Mandir and Shree Shankar mandir were built.

In 2006 the idols of Shree Bahiribuva, SheeMahalsa-Shree Khandoba, Shri Banai, Shree Bhavani, Shree Waghjai, Shree Jari and Shree Mari were replaced (Punar-Prathisthapan). While doing this, all necessary Shastrokta Vidhis were performed and old idols were immersed properly.

In 2009 New Bhakta Nivas was inaugurated. The Ground Floor Hall (Sabhagruh) is utilised for annual rituals and functions, Religeous, Social and Cultural Programs. The Mazanine Floor houses a Dhyan Mandir. The First Floor is having 5 big Rooms for Devotes to stay. Gents and Ladies Toilets and Bathrooms are separately build.

The Trust has Conducted Blood Donation Camps at the Mandir Premises as well as the nearby villages.

The Trust has provided books, notebooks, uniforms etc., to Poor children from Kadape School.

Free Prasad is ditributed to all devotees in the Annual function

Medical Aid in the form of Cash is given to needy people for performing surgeries as well as for Medical Treatments.

Shri Vijay Vaidya, President of the Trust, giving information about the Mandir, the Trust and its activities.